The Three "I's" of Content Marketing 

Content marketing isn’t a buzzword, and it isn’t a trend. Content marketing in some form has existed for as long as people have been selling and advertising products.  The ultimate goal of content marketing is for brands to discuss the various concerns and interests of its consumers. Content humanizes the brand, allowing it to connect with individual customers in ways traditional, more expensive types of advertising never could.

The real game changer is that social media, search engines, and robust analytics platforms have finally provided marketers with the tools to properly analyze the effectiveness of their messaging. But you knew that already.

So how do you get your content to generate the kind of growth your company needs? By creating content that is: 



Social media is fueled by content. We all know that for brands to be a part of the conversations their potential customers are having they need to contribute to it, or create a narrative around their brand that speaks to their audience's passion. Content marketing creates a long-list of conversation starters between your company and prospective customers. By being approachable, generous, and inclusive you develop long lasting relationships with customers.


Online media is an all you can eat buffet for the media junkie. Anyone with enough attention, or time, can consume as much media about any particular subject as they want. For example YouTube hosts an estimated 6 billion hours worth of video, with two thirds of it being viewed daily. With every inbound click we’re given the opportunity to impress the reader and convert them into a customer. However, creating a meaningful experience should not take precedence over the reader's expected outcome. 


It's not enough for content to make the reader feel some sort of emotion, or help them feel smarter. It also has to reach them at the right time, through the right channel. Content marketers have to meet expectations of engaging content that trips emotion triggers, and then exceed these demands in a familiar and conversational way.


Does your current content marketing satisfy these needs?