• The internet is killing journalism.”
  • “The internet is destroying our ability to concentrate” “
  • “The internet is making us all dumber.”
  • "Content marketing is just another trendy buzzword" 


If you're a marketer, writer or business owner you've definitely heard some of the above. 

Some of it is true and based in solid reasoning, but it’s mostly lazy thinking. The internet, social media and smartphone applications are only tools for communication. We can always make better tools, and they are constantly improving. 

That’s not to say low value content, and spammy content marketing isn’t a pervasive problem-it most definitely is. But only because we’ve allowed it to exist as business owners, marketers and consumers. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t.

If you’re a small business owner you have the unique opportunity to attach the services you provide to great stories. Stories about yourself, your customers, other brands and people you admire. You have the ability to publish inspiration and thought provoking truths directly tied to your business. You have the power to create great brand journalism.

Doing so consistently is one way to kickstart Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and growth  built on authenticity. Readers will come to viiew your brand as knowledgeable and professional. They will share the content you’ve published, your message will spread, and your business will grow.

We get you. We get your audience. We get great content. Are you ready to build an audience that generates massive revenue for your business?

This post was originally published on DAEP MEDIA's website October 1st, 2013.