Welcome to DAEP MEDIA's new website, and blog- RETHINK. Hope you've had few minutes to poke around and get a better sense of what we're all about.

If you've seen our old website I sincerely apologize for subjecting your eyes to such an offense. Redesigning and rebrandiing has been on my to do list for nearly two years now, but I only recently committed to carving out a few days to get it done.


A Fresh Face. 

This new site comes at a really important for DAEP MEDIA.

This company has existed in some form since 2008-2009 mostly as a freelance business, and in notebooks detailing a strategic new approach to marketing, consulting, and content.  It's only in the last three to four years that my vision really began to congeal into an actionable set of practices, thoughts, and beliefs. Over the last 12 months I've seen those practices, thoughts, and beliefs turn into real results not only for my clients, but for myself.

This new site represents a coming of age not only for DAEP MEDIA, but for myself as it's founder.


A Bold New Mission.

I hope that this site not only articulates DAEP MEDIA's mission with greater efficacy, but also with a rekindled, more vibrant passion. As we continue to expand in the upcoming years, RETHINK: will serve as a platform for our work, but also our thoughts about the future of marketing, content, and technology. 

Through RETHINK: we hope to touch on a variety of subjects surrounding marketing as well- from psychology and art, to product design, UX, music and creative writing. Our goal is not only to generate case studies and allow a peek behind our thinking, but to foster a stimulating conversation about the future of communications.

With that we hope to be able to help thousands of marketers, founders, executives, product managers, scientists, doctors and intellectuals reach more people with their messages. 

Hope you'll join us in helping RETHINK: grow.