Demand Generation & SEO 

Your ideal customers live on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and inside of countless apps. Our job is to meet them at the crucial point where they’re most receptive to your brand’s services and products.

Content Strategy & Development 

Since 2009 we've helped over 24 publications and companies develop content. All of our experiences culminated in February 2014 when we launched our first product. a digital magazine for New York City called DAEP | NYC.

Our mission for DAEP | NYC is to use it as the launching pad to develop fun projects and adventures related to local food, drink, art, film, music, fashion and technology. It also served as test-bed for many of our favorite content marketing strategies. The results were extraordinary with us reaching over 300,000 visitors over the life of the project.

We've been able to take the lessons and experiences learned and apply them to all of our client accounts. Helping us deliver quality work and amazing results for the following brands and organizations: 

  • The United Nations (Ark of Return)
  • Hearst Digital (Road & Track)
  • Thirstie
  • Humanscale 
  • The Brewer's Association
  • Fidelity National Financial (ServiceLink Financial Services)
  • SmartAsset
  • Lenda 
  • Mattel (Hot Wheels) 
  • Everwise
  • Petrolicious 
  • Boldride 
  • And more...

Social Media Marketing 

We’re experts in growing social media followings, driving engagement, and creating exposure via social media through careful curation and compelling content.


In May 2014 we introduced an events series called “DAEP NYC Presents” at venues across Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, through “DAEP NYC Presents” we showcased emerging talent helping to define the sonic identity of this great city. The events accelerate our social media and traffic acquisition strategies for DAEP | NYC  helping us to reach more people in one month than we had in our first three months combined.

Events are a great way to create real world experiences around your brand that potential customers can take with them. How are you engaging with your next customer?

Email Marketing 

Email marketing isn’t dead, in fact it’s reinventing itself. We help you stay top of mind with thoughtful email marketing, compelling offers, and drip campaigns.

Lead Nurturing 

Traffic, social media engagement, and brand awareness mean nothing without being able to convert the conversations around your brand into real revenue. We work closely with your company to develop effective lead nurturing tactics that will turn your inbound traffic, email subscribers, and likes into real sales.